Our Spaces


The large dining room. A timeless space of broad sophistication where basic elements predominate: marble, wood, and brass. A roomy, luminous place thanks to the huge skylight that covers it from wall to wall and extends over our interior garden. To one side of it there a panoramic view of the kitchen, which is the core of the restaurant. And lastly the menu, which is adapted to each client, where seasonal dishes of the best quality are not the exception but the rule.

Private rooms

A unique space in this city, an entire floor having been devoted to its reserved clients, where diners can enjoy a quiet, intimate atmosphere that offers that the same menu as the main dining room. The capacity of these five private rooms accommodates from two to 24 persons, with spaces inside for those who wish to continue their meal in a more relaxed atmosphere, with sofas and living rooms.

Saddle's Bar

A space that is as informal as sophisticated. At its heart is the bar, whose products require high quality and adroit handling, so that every sip and mouthful recalls its place of origin. The bar boasts a list of more than two hundred champagnes and an offering of cocktails that spans both ends of the spectrum, from classic to contemporary and seasonal. This is a warm, fun space worth visiting at any time of the day.